Oct 10 – Concert night

October 19, 2008

Teatro Pergola
Teatro Pergola

On Friday night, I went to the Matthew Herbert Big Band concert at Teatro Pergola. I hadn’t heard of Herbert before the concert and didn’t do any research on him… All I knew was that it was going to be some sort of different electronic music and that I didn’t have very high expectations. Man was I pleasantly surprised! Matthew Herbert is rather difficult to stick in a genre so my description of his music is this: experimental jazz with a raw, electronic twist.

Matthew Herbert Big Band

Matthew Herbert Big Band

Okay. So. First you have the live orchestra/band and a woman on vocals. All the instruments and the vocals are hooked up to microphones, which are connected to Herbert’s little DJ-station. Herbert’s station has a keyboard, turntables, a laptop, and some other electronic devices. With skill, he pushes buttons, turns knobs and presses keys that samples the live sound and manipulates it to his liking.

If you want to listen, try his website: http://www.matthewherbert.com/music.php (more selection of songs. though they’re mostly a lot older) or myspace: http://www.myspace.com/matthewherbert (they played The Story live).

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