Sunday December 5th, still jet lagged?

December 4, 2010

The internet has been out where I am sleeping (a wealthy area called Al Mahdi) so I haven’t emailed or posted at all. I am awake now at 4am. Went to bed at 9:45 so I’ve had a good amount of sleep but it stinks to be up this early. Caleb and Elijah are also awake and Sara just went back to bed. We’ve had some really neat experiences thus far and Sara and I are slowly learning some basics in Wolof. We know the greetings and some other words like water, etc.

A few days ago I sat in the kitchen while the cook, Soomba, prepared a dish called Yassa. It was so fun! I sat there with my journal and tried to point at ingredients and ask questions. Sometimes she knew the French word so I could figure out what it was. Soomba knows very very few words in English but the language barrier doesn’t keep us from liking each other. She seems so kind. I need to make sure I get a picture of her. (By the way, it is completely normal for families to have someone that does some housework.)

One fun thing I did today (or yesterday rather.. Dec 4th), is play with two boys at Grandma Jo’s house (Codou’s mom). We were playing with the tiny ball they have, just passing back and forth then it started to turn into monkey in the middle. Mostly it was just me in the middle because my soccer footwork is extremely poor 😉 I picked the ball up to pretend to make a throw-in and the boys thought I wanted to play basketball so we switched sports! It was great! They started putting their arms in a circle for a hoop. I think Sara got some pictures so I’ll have to share those when I’m back. I was so sweaty when we were done, whew. The boys were probably 13 and 10. One was Codou’s nephew, Moustafa,  and the other was his friend. The best part was when they started to dunk and  I was the basket haha. Most of the kids here are so kind. They all shake your hand from the age that they can walk unless they are “talibe” on the streets. The talibe are kids that beg on the streets. They run next to the cars… I can’t believe more kids don’t get hurt doing that. (Talibe also means “disciple”.. not sure what the correlation is there. Another question to ask.)

Since the internet is not so reliable I will end my post here… I wrote one a few days ago but it was lost because I was kicked off before I could post it.

I am taking tons of pictures and some video as well. We are having a great time here. Miss you all and GO COUGS! (Even though I just heard we lost the Apple Cup. Bum.)

Salam Alaikum (Peace be upon you)


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