November 4, 2008

At this moment I wish I was back in the USA to celebrate with my friends. I’m watching coverage clicking back and forth from celebrating Obama supporters to McCain’s concession speech to news coverage, awaiting Obama’s speech in 20 minutes..

Yesterday (the 4th) I wore my Obama tshirt walking through Florence to class and back. I felt so proud to be wearing it. I wanted people to know that I voted for Obama. When I got back from class I sat here on my computer waiting and waiting for the first polls to close on the east coast. By the time I went to bed, nothing momentus had happened–I figured I should get some sleep so I could wake up at a reasonable hour and start following the election again. I was definitely wrong about “reasonable hour”.

I got a phone call at a few minutes past 5:00am from my sister. (THANK YOU!) For those of you who don’t like math, that’s 8:00pm Pacific Time. It took me a second to realize perhaps why she would be calling me.. Surely the results hadn’t come in already..

When I came to my senses I had a jolt of energy–I wanted to know what had been happening at home! I opened my computer and was overcome with excitement seeing that Obama had 298 electoral votes.. OH MAN! Is it real?! I had to refresh my page a few times to make sure. I said to my roommate, “Aneisa….. Obama is President!” I wasn’t surprised she was awake–I wasn’t exactly thinking about being quiet at that moment. I wanted so badly to talk and celebrate with Obama supporters and be excited with people as excited as myself!** I wanted to cheer and yell! I wanted to open the window and tell Italy that our next President, MY President, will be Barrack Obama in 2009!


**Side note: My roommates find me rather silly, ie, when they saw what I was wearing yesterday they said to me, “You would.” Come onnnn.  I wonder how many people just didn’t vote because they were too lazy to figure it out. Three of my four roommates didn’t vote. Okay, it doesn’t matter at this point.. but still. I would hate to look back on this election and not be able to say that I voted..


Fall break

October 25, 2008

Tomorrow morning Aneisa and I will hop on a train to Milan. I am pretty stoked! We’ll be gone all week travelling all over. Here are the places we plan to go to: Milan, Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Naples, Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, Sorrento, and Capri. Ci vediamo dopo!! CIAO CIAO!

Coming soon…
EuroChocolate Festival in Perugia
Festival della Creativita (comparable to Bumbershoot, but with less music)

FYI, I’ve just added a cool link that includes ALL the pictures I’ve taken here on the right side of the page.. Check it out: or click on the link over there —>

Oct 10 – Concert night

October 19, 2008

Teatro Pergola
Teatro Pergola

On Friday night, I went to the Matthew Herbert Big Band concert at Teatro Pergola. I hadn’t heard of Herbert before the concert and didn’t do any research on him… All I knew was that it was going to be some sort of different electronic music and that I didn’t have very high expectations. Man was I pleasantly surprised! Matthew Herbert is rather difficult to stick in a genre so my description of his music is this: experimental jazz with a raw, electronic twist.

Matthew Herbert Big Band

Matthew Herbert Big Band

Okay. So. First you have the live orchestra/band and a woman on vocals. All the instruments and the vocals are hooked up to microphones, which are connected to Herbert’s little DJ-station. Herbert’s station has a keyboard, turntables, a laptop, and some other electronic devices. With skill, he pushes buttons, turns knobs and presses keys that samples the live sound and manipulates it to his liking.

If you want to listen, try his website: (more selection of songs. though they’re mostly a lot older) or myspace: (they played The Story live).

My long weekend

September 30, 2008

Hello all! Just a quick blurb and then I’m headed to bed…

In the last 4 days I have survived Genova, Santa Margherita, a swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the beautiful Cinque Terre, Coldplay in Bologna, and my 21st birthday! I have so much to update you on and tons of pictures to post. Please bother me if I don’t write a few blogs about my adventures soon.

Buona notte!

This weekend I am venturing off to Cinque Terre and Genova!

I have a bazillion mosquito bites.

It is starting to get really cold at night.

I haven’t blow dried my hair in 3 weeks.

I finally found peanut butter–4,50 euro for about a cup of creamy Skippy pb. FYI, I prefer extra crunchy JIF and I can definitely use a cup of pb in less than a week.

I went to the Supermarket last week to buy sesame seeds for a salad I was making. I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I approached someone to ask…. “Scusi, parli englese?” Try describing or gesturing sesame seeds to an Asian employee in an Italian supermarket that speaks neither Italian nor English. Huh?

I have my first quiz in Italian on Thursday (martedi). I’m pretty stoked because I think I will breeze through it. I talked to my Italian professor, Enzo, today and expressed that I was already bored–the kids in my class are incredibly slow, they honestly don’t pick up anything even if Enzo explains it really slowly in english and shows a bazillion examples. He said that he could tell and if I want he can assign me some extra compiti (aka homework) …haha wow I sound like a total nerd right now but I really do want to learn the language! I think I’m picking it up so much quicker than the other students ..because I’ve already taken a foreign language and understand the general rules for masc/fem. singular/plural… and conjugating verbs, etc. So the concepts we’re learning now are so simple and basic I have to actually work at catching myself from blurting out all the answers (it helps that there are only 9 of us in the class otherwise I’d probably be real shy). Allora, it’s bedtime yo. Buonanotte mi amici!